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The utilities industry is a fiercely competitive environment and with trends changing quickly companies have to react quickly to business and consumer needs. Keeping up with this has seen a shift in the technology required to run these organisations and standardisation is becoming more and more the key message. Deploying Lasernet in this environment ensures efficiency gains and standards can be met for now and in the future. Delivering clear standard documentation in the right format to clients and customers is key, coupled with corporate branding and marketing opportunities it is essential to ensure the underlying system can deliver – Lasernet certainly can!

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MECOMS - Ferranti

Built on Microsoft Dynamics AX, Ferranti’s flagship MECOMS™ solution has been enabling users in the energy, water and utilities markets to more efficiently manage meter data and customer information for over twenty years. By adding Lasernet from Formpipe into the core product offering, Ferranti is enhancing MECOMS™ functionality to go way beyond good management, and into the realms of highly effective communications delivery.

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ees Holland takes public utilities business model to ‘next level’ with MECOMS as a service and Lasernet

ees Holland chose the MECOMS service platform, complete with Lasernet enterprise output management by Formpipe, to offer a superior service to its public utility customers.

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"There were many reasons we selected Lasernet specifically. It was clear that Formpipe was doing everything we would want to do with software of this kind. They already work with many of our partners and customers, have the best integration with AX and Ferranti platforms, and are an active part of the Microsoft ecosystem."
MECOMS™ product manager Leslie De Cuyper

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