Are you still struggling to generate labels from AX?

16 January 2017

Does this sample code look familiar?

Did you know there are output management solutions such as Lasernet that support WHS label printing in AX2012 R3 (Warehouse III) and Dynamics 365 for Operations

We recently wrote a post on barcode generation and how simple this is and as an extension to the blog we are finding that many customers and partners are struggling with generating labels, especially inside AX and how to get the data to format the output and push this to the correct printer.

Let Lasernet solve this for you in a few simple steps with its built in connector for AX:

  • Generate a query – using the wizard in the Lasernet Connector containing the tables WHSLicensePlateLabel  and WHSDocumentRoutingLine,
  • Add a destination in the Lasernet Connector
  • Assign that destination in the Lasernet routing table
  • Format the label – any label and barcode can be produced with simple drag and drop tools
  • Print the label

All done with no coding and very simply created using point, click, drag and drop

Contact us today for a demo on this and many other features we offer for formatting and distributing the output from Dynamics AX.