Pulse partners Lasernet to future proof offering

30 October 2017

One of the leading Microsoft solutions providers in the Netherlands, Pulse, has selected Formpipe as its customer communications management software partner for all new Dynamics 365 implementations. Both firms believe the partnership will open up new realms of possibilities for manufacturing and trading organisations looking to exploit the cloud capabilities of Microsoft’s latest ERP release.

Helping its customers to future proof operations by improving and supporting business processes using software based on the Dynamics 365 platform, Pulse is now able to offer its 365 customers access to highly advanced yet simple to use, cloud-capable customer communications management platform that integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365.

With 75 percent of Pulse customers stating that they plan to migrate their ERP environments to the cloud in the near future, and with a corporate ethos centred around delivering future-proofed solutions and business continuity for customers, Lasernet ticked all the right boxes to strengthen the Pulse offering.

Forecast to be sold as standard across all new 365 implementations, Lasernet will empower Pulse customers to easily input, create, control, disseminate and archive flawlessly aligned business documents, across a broad range of formats. More than this, Formpipe mirrored the progressive and personable approach championed at Pulse, making the vendor a perfect fit from a visions and values perspective, as Hiljon te Boome at Pulse, explains: “At Pulse, our goal is to get under the skin of our customers, truly understand their unique needs and offer bespoke solutions built upon the latest technological innovations and an in-depth appreciation of what they’re trying to achieve – and the context in which they are trying to achieve it.

“It’s essential that our partners reflect our approach to market and dedication to customers; are forward thinking and flexible and bring not only the expected subject matter expertise and robust product offering but are able to inject fun and enthusiasm into the process. We’re proud to now offer Lasernet to our customers as part of our standard 365 implementations and feel it will add significant advantages relating to saved time, money and more precise cloud-based customer communication management.”

Echoing the sentiments expressed by Hiljon, Mike Rogers, sales and marketing director of Lasernet adds: “Operating a certified partner network means we are selective in the type of organisation we choose to represent our brand. We look for synergies and, in Pulse, we have found an organisation that shares our approach to customer service, embracing and encouraging innovation and setting the bar for fast and effective implementations that deliver tangible benefits to users.”

Pulse became a certified Lasernet partner in October 2017 and is already in the process of migrating customers across to Microsoft Dynamics 365, complete with Lasernet customer communications management functionality.

For more information about Pulse, please visit: http://www.pulse.nl/portfolio-items/formpipe-lasernet/.