Privacy Policy

In Formpipe we are transparent about how we handle and use personal information from visitors to our website and in relation to the various services we offer our customers and stakeholders. Below you will find information about our practices for handling and using personal information when visiting our website when you sign up for our events and when you interact with us in general.


When you accept cookies on a website, it means that a text file is stored on your computer, mobile or other, with information that will optimize your user experience when you visit a given website. A cookie allows you to recognize your computer and gather information about which pages and features have been used. The cookie helps maintain your choices when navigating a website and remembers them at the next visit to the site. Information in a cookie is anonymized so that the IP address does not connect to some people.

Formpipe uses cookies to measure traffic. For example, which webpages are being visited. We use Google Analytics and Narrative Science to collect the information and monitor the quality of your experience as visitors to our website. It is possible to delete or block cookies. See this guide for help:

Privacy Policy

Collection and processing of personal information

Personal information is any kind of information that may be attributed to you to some extent. When you are a customer of us and / or using our services (including events and website) we collect and process a number of personal information about you. As an existing customer of ours, personal information is necessary in order to maintain a well-functioning customer-supplier relationship, with mutual opportunity to contact as needed.


To the extent that you explicitly consent to it and even enter the information is processed: Name, Title, Phone Number, Email, Address and Payment Information. This will typically be associated with creating login or signing up for our events, webinars, etc. The information will be treated confidentially and used to contact you with relevant information about, for example, the event you have signed up for. We undertake to collect only information necessary to provide our services to you and commit to complying with our current policies to delete and archive information about you when they are no longer necessary. Similarly, you can always contact us if you want insight into your data or want your data deleted.


Disclosure of personal information

We use a number of third parties for data retention, which are used exclusively in the professional sense and for ensuring high quality in the work we perform. For example, our third parties are the suppliers who perform our customer satisfaction surveys and allow you to sign up for one of our events, webinars, etc. These third parties only deal with information on Formpipe’s behalf and may not use them for their own purposes.


Our work with GDPR

At Formpipe Software, we not only deal with our customers’ work with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how to ensure high data quality in their organization. We also deal with how we as a company take responsibility and ensure that we live up to the new EU Personal Data Regulation (as of May 25, 2018). We handle our customers’ data with great care and professionalism. In view of our products and core business, this is also absolutely essential and something that we as an organization and supplier to a wide range of private and public organizations must meet. We undertake to handle and process our customer’s data responsibly and safely and in accordance with the laws in force at any time. In Formpipe Software, we welcome the EU Personal Data Regulation and regard it as an essential and trustworthy tool in a digital era, where data volumes increase exponentially, and where data is increasingly being shared and distributed between businesses and people.