Lasernet Connector now only uses extensions!

7 November 2017


Lasernet Connector now only uses extensions!

Formpipe are very excited to announce that as per the design strategy of Dynamics we have managed to remove all overlaying from the Lasernet Connector. This announcement comes well in advance of the Spring release of Dynamics where Microsoft are sealing the code and no overlaying will be allowed.

Formpipe have taken it on themselves and created their own extension to ensure that all functionality of their connector can be provided on all releases – both backward and forward – of Dynamics 365. With the new extension it means that there are no changes to the standard code in Dynamics 365 and no “conflicts” with standard Operations and other ISV’s. Installation is now very simple and quick, something that has been close to the Lasernet teams strategy for many years.

The Lasernet Dynamics connector follows the standard practices of Microsoft as per the TAP program and is now being prepared for appsource which means all the code is verified by Microsoft.

The new release without overlaying is now available for download on our Knowledgebase

If you are interested in further information or an online session about this please do not hesitate to contact us