It is actually happening!

17 April 2018

Further to our recent blog on extensions vs. overlays, Microsoft have confirmed they will be sealing their code in the Spring update of Dynamics.

Microsoft have confirmed that in their latest release Version 8 of Dynamics they are sealing the code and therefore all ISVs that rely on overlaying in their code will have to update in order to continue working with the latest release. We wrote about this a number of months ago when we had already updated the Lasernet connector for Dynamics, but now here we are just days away and many ISVs are still struggling.

In short, in the document generation environment, anyone using SSRS or any form of SSRS to generate documents will find that they cannot modify them without errors such as the below:

Lasernet is the solution

As you may recall from a previous announcement some time ago, we have already solved this problem with our integration into Dynamics using our leading document output solution Lasernet.

Whilst we are able to use the standard SSRS output to initially speed up the process of generating the first document outputs from an implementation of Dynamics, we can then discard this and add fields and update the reports using our advanced connector – all this is also without using any overlaying at all. Currently implementation of Lasernet is 4 times quicker in the setup of a document  compared to SSRS and as they seal the code this will be even more.

Creating documents such as the below is a breeze using Lasernet whereas we have had a recent customer case where the customer was told they would have to change the document they were generating as it could not be done in SSRS. We were then contacted to looking at the particular form and within a matter of hours a POC was setup and produced to show how simple it would be using Lasernet and the Lasernet connector for Dynamics.

Lasernet enables you to:

  • Modify standard report-design
  • Reuse newly added fields from a Dynamics 365 update
  • Add data (fields, images, attachments etc.) to existing reports – Both through meta-data and through the LAC coding framework (Extension)
  • Boost performance by replacing SSRS with an AX-Query
  • Provide failover, load-balancing and traffic-management
  • Gives the options for end-customers and end-partners to deploy to the PROD-environment

Limitations of standard Dynamics 365:

  • Not possible to change the report-design on standard reports
  • If an update contains changes to an existing report it could require the information to be duplicated – this is a work-around for changing a existing report
  • Not possible to add any data without changing the application, which could cause the need for merging when upgrading
  • Can only process through the reporting-server
  • Out of the box there’s no failover, load-balancing and traffic-management

We are keen to show you how simple this process can be and why we are the leading provider of document output and data transformation solutions for Dynamics.

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