Have you joined the e-Invoicing revolution?

30 April 2018

e-Invoicing enables you to digitally transform error prone paper based invoicing processes into efficient slick business branded documents in any file or format. The cost to process a paper document manually is estimated at 26 EUR, but moving this to a digital document could present a saving of up to 90%.

Traditional invoicing methods are error prone, time consuming and costly. Human error caused by manual re-keying is just one of many processing errors that can occur and getting things back on track can involve a lot of time and effort. Sterling Commerce averaged this out at 45 EUR per document, but the situation is completely avoidable via e-Invoicing.

e-Invoicing by Formpipe Lasernet offers the ability to support any worldwide standard for e-Invoicing including XML, EDIFACT, Chorus Pro and ZUGFeRD. Positioned between Dynamics and your finance solution, e-Invoicing generates electronic documents that can be created and customised by non-IT trained staff with ease.

Generating EDI could not be simpler in the Lasernet developer which facilitates simple set up from template (see screen 1) or manual creation (see screen 2) of escaping, grouping, separations and segments in the way EDI (UNA) characters are to be embedded into the EDI file after conversion has taken place.


Screen 1

Screen 2


Key Benefits

Improved Visibility

Increased Efficiency

Reduced Operational Costs

Increased Accuracy

Fraud Reduction and Prevention