Dynamics 365 Label Printing & Warehouse Integration

26 September 2019

Are you trying to add additional fields to the Mobile App for printing labels?

Is it taking you hours of configuration to do ???


Many of our customers have come to Formpipe because they need to add additional fields to the mobile app in the warehouse module – in short using the out of the box standard Dynamics 365 it can take hundreds of hours to do this ! Time that could be spent on other tasks in the business.

At Formpipe we have managed to solve this problem by providing the option to add fields through our connector making this process a simple and quick task. Adding fields such as number of copies can be done in a few simple clicks.

Further to this we are also providing the option to reprint labels from the mobile app to any printer. Standard Dynamics 365 does not provide any option for selecting a destination when printing / re-printing from the mobile app.


Configuration of mobile App within the Lasernet connector for Dynamics 365

Simply showing the function of printing in the following will add a printer-selection at the mobile App through the Lasernet connector


Reprint Label

When reprinting a label it is exactly the same !


Printer integration with Lasernet for Dynamics 365

Selection of the destination/printer is closely integrated with the ‘Default printer’ in Lasernet connector – And provides the option only to show printers valid for the warehouse/user – If required.


See below for a simple screen-dump of Mobile app.

 The fields Note, Reference, Print quantity and Printer are added through the Lasernet connector

The reference field is a function we have added to help with selection of different Labels. For instance one for a rotated label and another one containing information like a ‘copy’ background.