CASE STUDY - Marc Jacobs

Sets 2016 retail technology trend with Formpipe Lasernet

Luxury fashion house, Marc Jacobs, is announcing the successful implementation of enterprise output management solution, Lasernet, in Europe and the United States. Fully live since January, Marc Jacobs will use Lasernet to design and disseminate attractive, brand-rich documentation, including purchase orders and invoices, with flexibility, ease and precision.


Currently being used by around 50 staff members, Lasernet is now facilitating the customisable creation and communication of a range of business-critical documentation for both vendors and customers. Crucially, technical issues encountered using the basic output functionality contained within Dynamics AX, such as the formatting of data and the high levels of manual intervention needed, have been overcome thanks to Lasernet’s user-friendly, customisable design, analytical reporting, automated mailing and archiving functionality.

The announcement was made shortly after New York fashion week, where the iconic American fashion house revealed its Fall 2016 collection. Commenting on the implementation, chief information officer at Marc Jacobs, Regis Litre said:

“As a brand we’re renowned for our flawless design, attention to detail and high-end appeal. After reviewing some of our processes and procedures it was evident that some of our documentation was failing to reflect these associations. This, combined with our global commercial objective to drive efficiencies, encouraged us to explore solutions to help us better manage our documentation from both a cost and quality perspective.

“We looked at a number of vendors but found that Lasernet was the only system capable of giving us straightforward solutions to some complex technical problems, whilst its integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX simply couldn’t be matched.”

Adding to the sentiments expressed by Regis, Mike Rogers, commercial director at Lasernet said:

“Day to day business documents are an extension of a brand and have the ability to impact the perception of that brand for those who come into contact with them. Additionally, the cost and efficiency implications of excessive manual administration in the production and communication of documents to customers or suppliers is not to be underestimated. 

“True to nature, Marc Jacobs is leading where others are sure to follow and setting a technology trend for 2016. A trend that prioritises cost savings and champions quality and control in enterprise output management. I’m thrilled to welcome Marc Jacobs and look forward to seeing what ongoing benefits they will derive from using Lasernet.”

In recognition of its unrivalled integration capability with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Formpipe Lasernet was recently appointed to the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). Looking to the future, Marc Jacobs will harness the seamless integration and scalability of Lasernet to extend its use within the organisation. This is likely to relate to EDI documents and payment remittance processes.

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