CASE STUDY - ees Holland takes public utilities business model to ‘next level’ with MECOMS as a Service and Lasernet

Independent Dutch energy efficiency consultancy and engineering firm, ees Holland, has selected the MECOMS as a Service platform, complete with Lasernet enterprise output management by Formpipe, to offer a superior service to its public utility customers.

By providing the market leading cloud-based CRM, contract management and invoicing functionality to its customers, ees Holland is able to empower public utilities to operate more efficiently and obtain greater visibility over energy usage data. Using MECOMS as a Service with Lasernet will also help ees Holland’s customers to comply with the new Dutch Heating Act, which came into force in 2014 and requires that every individual should have insight into their energy consumption.

When it comes to creating business documents for consumers, before ees Holland’s customers had access to Lasernet functionality, users were restricted by document layout and needed to refer template adjustment needs to Ferranti Computer Systems, the developers of MECOMS and MECOMS as a Service. With Lasernet now in place, ees Holland and its customers can quickly, simply and cost-effectively alter documents, such as invoices – of which several hundred are produced each month in total, themselves.

Greater control and adherence to corporate brand identity are also other notable benefits of using Lasernet output management, as Fabienne Heidemann, project & communications manager at ees Holland, explains: “Having access to Lasernet output management is an added bonus and one that is delivering noticeable benefits. We now have more ownership of document design; we are able to make changes independently of third party developers, which saves time and cost. We are also able to achieve greater ownership of the process and protect our customers’ corporate brand identities by making sure every element of the document, from font to the position of the logo, is consistent. None of this was possible before Lasernet.”

Werner Boom, director of ees Holland, believes MECOMS as a Service is helping his company to continuously surpass customer expectations and its scalability is good for the future success of the ees Holland business as he confirms: “MECOMS as a Service definitely satisfies all of our customers’ needs and more. By continuously expanding the options, we can take the business process model that we offer our customers to the next level time and again.”

Built on Microsoft Dynamics AX, Ferranti’s flagship MECOMS solution has been enabling users in the energy, water and utilities markets to more efficiently manage meter data and customer information for over twenty years. Likewise, Lasernet software has enabled users to quickly create, modify and personalise branded documentation for the same two decades. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality, high-quality output and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, upon which MECOMS is built, made it an appealing addition to Ferranti’s already powerful system.

Mike Rogers, Lasernet’s sales and marketing director, comments: “ees Holland represents the first Dutch organisation to embrace MECOMS as a Service, an incredibly powerful system that has the ability to transform the way utilities providers operate and interact with their customers for the better. We’re incredibly proud that, after only several short months, ees Holland is noticing such a dramatic improvement in day-to-day document management processes thanks to Lasernet. The company is definitely ahead of its game: embracing the cloud to deliver truly unrivalled services.”