CASE STUDY - Adacta Achieves Instant Success With Lasernet

Adacta has teamed up with Ferranti Computer Systems and Formpipe to deliver increased efficiency and process effectiveness to one of the continent’s largest utility companies. The leading Central-European reseller has installed the MECOMS™ and CRM platforms, complete with Lasernet advanced output management software, to one of its major customers in the utilities sector in a little over ten weeks, with the new technology already providing time and cost savings across the board.

MECOMS™ Customer Care & Billing is developed by Ferranti Computer Systems to enable utilities providers of any size to streamline business processes and combine high efficiency with first-class customer service. In order to enhance the usability and lower the cost of additional functionality, Ferranti Computer Systems recently made Formpipe Lasernet a standard module for new installations, to enable customers to quickly create, modify and personalise branded documentation through simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Ales Zajc, Procurator at Adacta comments: “The most satisfying aspect of the project was our ability to have direct, almost complete integration straight out of the box. Although some configuration is still needed, the very user friendly, intuitive and highly graphic interface enables customers to do much of the fine tuning themselves, saving Adacta time on site, and lowering expenditure for the customer.

“At the end of the shortened installation process our client is left with a solution that is much richer in its functionality than the previous system, and at a reduced cost. It’s a win, win, win, win for the customer, Adacta, Ferranti Computer
Systems and Formpipe Lasernet.”