Attention All On-Premise Dynamics 365 for F&O Users

1 April 2019

Looking for the On-Screen Printing Option in On-Premise Dynamics 365 for F&O?

The simple answer to the issue is to stop, as it’s no longer available.

For those with an On-Prem Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations installation, you may have noticed that since updating, the ‘Screen Print Destination’ option has vanished and you are now no longer able to preview reports. Without this feature users now must save the document as a PDF, then open it in order to preview.

This handy feature has only been removed for those with On-Premise installations of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, those using Azure/Cloud versions still have the option and are not affected. A simple way to bring this feature back is with Lasernet, the leading document management solution for output and data transformation.

The Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is compatible with all versions (On-Premise, Azure/Cloud) and allows the user to preview reports at the click of a button. Lasernet reinstates the preview option via the ‘Lasernet Screen’ button where users can simply click the option to preview reports without the need to save and re-open the document – a far more user friendly approach compared to standard D365FO/AX.

In addition to this, those requiring printing to remote printers will also find On-Premise Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations falls short as the standard features only allow printing to printers on the same network. To overcome this, the Lasernet Cloud Print Connector enables users to print to remote printers that are not located on the network. Perfect for those remotely printing documents such as labels and shipping notes.

With no plans to implement these features in future On-Premise deployments, if you want to reinstate them, a third party connector such as Lasernet is your only option. To learn more about how Lasernet solves this issue along with many others, please get in touch.