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“Congratulations Formpipe Lasernet on your 30 years of success. We look forward to working with you for many more to come. Happy 30th Birthday from us all at IvyJack Communications.”

Celebrating 30 years of success


Technological Milestones

2019 is the year of technological milestones with not only the World Wide Web celebrating 30 years of innovation but also Formpipe Lasernet. This year sees 30 years of success for the software innovation leader, paralleling the birth of the World Wide Web itself.


Laserbox and Boxdef 0.9 for DOS

  • DOS windows written in Pascal
  • Pilot project for Nyborg Plast (now TrioPlast) and still a Lasernet customer
  • Laserbox as a plastic box with 8086 processor, 3.5" floppy disk, 2 parallel input/output ports, DOS printer drivers


Laserbox 1.0 + Boxdef 1.0 for DOS

  • Laserbox as a final hardware box with support for 8 parallel/serial input/output ports or coax/twinax interface


Lightbox + Boxdef 2.0 for DOS

  • Small box with 3.5" floppy disk and parallel input/output


Faxbox 1.0

  • Additional box with 386 architecture and one serial input and fax modem as output


Lasernet 3.0 + FPM (Forms Print Management) for Windows

  • Server version running Lasernet as an executable from a command line
  • Support for Windows Server 3.51 for Workgroups, Novell 3 and 4 and OS/2


Lasernet Server 4.0-5.0 + Lasernet Form Editor Windows Server support only

  • Written in Borland Delphi
  • New UI in Form Editor with single page support
  • From v5 introducing first, middle, last page layouts


Lasernet Mail 1.0

  • New Lasernet Mail application running as a stand-alone service


Lasernet Developer and Server 6.0

  • C++
  • The start of our current architecture
  • File input/output modules
  • Mail output
  • Printer output with integration to Windows spooler system


Lasernet Developer and Server 6.1

  • XML input/output
  • FTP input/output and mail input


Lasernet Developer and Server 6.2

  • Database module
  • HTTP input/output modules


Lasernet Developer and Server 6.5

  • XML Transformer


Lasernet Developer and Server 6.6

  • Lasernet OCR (Input Management)
  • Lasernet Client
  • Multi service instance support


Lasernet Developer and Server 6.7

  • Failover support
  • Web server module with web service support
  • Exchange input/output module (Exchange 365)


Lasernet Developer and Server 7

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Lasernet Meta
  • SQL and XML Transformer Editors


Lasernet Developer and Server 8

  • HTML output
  • Azure integration


Lasernet Developer and Server 9

  • Deployment support
  • Configuration server
  • User authentication with AD integration
  • Word output with phrases
  • Excel output
  • JSON input/output